eBook Success Made Easy

eBook Success Made Easy

eBook Success Made Easy

eBook Success Made Easy

Before writing your book it is important to have a master plan. Your plan is going to take into account every thing from what your book is about to selling it, this post will help ensure your eBook success is made easy.

The first step is deciding to write a book, then developing your master plan. Your master plan is going to take into account a lot of the following: What your book is about, then who you are going to sell your book too. The good news is we can break this down into two separate things:

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From Author to Entrepreneur

warningFrom Author to a Business!

News Flash!!!  Do you have a book?  Would you like to sell your book?  Well then you have a business and its selling your book.  If you’re selling your book then that makes you a sales person.  Your brand is you and your product is your book!  Do you have a business plan?  Do you know who your target market is?  What about a marketing strategy?  What’s your break-even point? Continue Reading →

Ebook Online Success

approve_commentTo ensure your success online the following is essential to know for your book and any other business.  If you are not tech-savy I suggest finding someone you know and trust to handle this stuff for your or take a weekend or two and watch a lot of videos online to learn more.  Also check out my Youtube Page (coming soon) for some great pointers.  Sometimes your best asset is knowing what you do not know and then going from there.  Unfortunately one simply thing can end up costing you thousands of dollars.  Whatever route you go there should be have some knowledge of the following things then things:  Continue Reading →

Ebook Success 10 Points

progressTo make sure you have a successful book there are many facets you will have to be actively participate in. You must lose the mindset of “author” and only author and look at the entire BIG picture and address everything as a business person!   Continue Reading →