Promote Your eBook

Promote Your eBook

Promote Your eBook

Promote your eBook

Your eBook is your product and in my personal experience and based on many other “products” that I have marketed online and off line with sales in excess of over one million dollars, here are some of the things I have found:

50% of advertising dollars are wasted – you just never know which half is.  What is worse is the fact that whatever you think your expenses are going to be – double them.  With that being said the bright side is that eventually you will find a way to market your product effectively and make money, even better is the fact that there are plenty of ways to market your eBook for free.

What works for one product will not work for another.  The content will change but the concept will not.  For example if I am marketing a self help book the content is “self help” and how I market my self-help book will be different than how I market a “Business” book.  But the concept  of marketing will be the same – the concept will be the benefits.  For example, this Business book will help you increase sales, decrease costs, and find more tax write offs.  This self help book will help you be more outgoing, self confident, find new friends, and teach you how to have fun by yourself.   The concept is the same, the concept is obviously sharing the benefits of reading a particular book.       

Promote your eBook by Making it Pay for itself

Whenever I sell a product I like to make sure it pays for itself – whether the product is my consulting services or a actual physical product.  For example, if someone hires me as an accountant I provide accounting services but as an add on I offer to find ways that my customer can save or make more money, so if they pay me $100 – they save or make $500.  If I were selling a dog leash for $9.99 I would throw in a dog collar that costs $9.99 so the first product pays for itself.  How would this apply to a intangible product, like an eBook?  Buy my book today for $4.99, “Super Dooper Business Book” and get a complimentary download of my other book “Tax Write off Heaven,” a $8.99 value.   (both of these books are fictitious)

Promote your eBook Online

Create a good website if you can’t hire someone to do it or take the time to watch some youtube videos and read some books on it – in my opinion it’s a lot easier than most people think it is.  Learn about search engine optimization, social media optimization, and getting good rankings in Google.  Be social, network on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and be a participant, avoid spamming.  Put yourself out there as a professional!  Look to help people, follow the manta of it is better to give than to get.  – And at the same time that you’re being a humble helpful person – WHEN the opportunity comes up and your book is a topic of conversation or question – don’t tell people what your book is about – they don’t care!  Tell them what is in it for them if they read your book, for example, “My book will help you lose weight.”  If someone asks you what you do for a living your answer is not “I’ am a dietician” your is “I help people have a happy, healthy, long life through eating healthy foods in proper portions.”

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