What is Smashwords?

Typewriter-Picture-1600x1200Smashwords is the world’s largest indie ebook distributor.  They publish your ebook to Apple, Barnes and Noble, Flipkart, Oyster, Scribd, Axis 360 and more.  They have a great author profile page as well as Q&A answers for your author page.  They give you 60% from major Ebook retailers and 85% net as smashwords. Continue Reading →

Where to Publish Your Ebook!

wirelessMany people are under the belief that the only place you need to publish your Ebook on is Amazon.com, that is not the case.  Yes, it is essential to publish there, however exclusivity even if Amazon says it benefits you, in my opinion it exclusivity does not.   Continue Reading →

Ebook Success 10 Points

progressTo make sure you have a successful book there are many facets you will have to be actively participate in. You must lose the mindset of “author” and only author and look at the entire BIG picture and address everything as a business person!   Continue Reading →